Marz was born and summer raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, like the late, great Purple Rain legend, Prince; educated in San Diego and the City of the Angels, CA, around an eclectic mix of races, cultures, neighborhoods and opinions, Marz Lovejoy is no stranger to diversity. She is a dynamic, multi-media artist living in New York City. Marz began in-front-of-the camera work as a model at age 5. By 21, Marz was a recording artist, songwriter, and performer, who starred in her own music videos while perusing acting. Throughout her life, she landed major ad campaigns (Hood By Air, Nike, GAP) and was featured at Sundance with the film L.U.V. Before her daughter Nomi was born, she was the first pregnant model for SavageX, Rihanna’s new lingerie brand and since giving birth Marz was interview by Vogue Magazine to talk about postpartum and motherhood. With a television and film production degree from New York Film Academy, Marz has a knack for filmmaking, producing, and editing. Marz, with a 4.0 GPA is determined to continue her scholastic career; currently obtaining an individualized B.A. Marz is an award winning, published author freelancing for Office Magazine as their copy editor. She is currently working on a children's book as well as a narrated photo book with her husband, Simon Rasmussen.

As Marz thrives, she never forgets from whence she comes as she volunteers and donates time and money to social service organizations, namely those focused on homelessness and marginalized groups. She uses her social media platform to voice important issues and chronicles personal goals such as motherhood and sobriety.  

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